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Innovate 2 Day

Smart companies and inspiring solutions


Innovate2Day (I2D) identifies and combines innovations that improve processes within organizations and their stakeholders. They help increase the quality of service and their efficiency. They contribute actively to increase customer and employee satisfaction. Without exception it is about proven solutions, typically in the cloud, which are enthusiastically and successfully deployed by leading organizations.

Innovate 2 Day

Innovate 2 Day is the platform for the B2B market where smart solutions are presented that help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of organizations. Organizations part of I2D complement each other and work together when they create customer added value. I2D is an initiative of BlueWish Business Development.

Smart Companies

Often the idea for the smart solution is developed from a problem that they themselves ran into or even a lot of frustration. The solutions are well thought out and customizable and help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of organizations


Inspiring solutions

Solutions are distinctive in quality, applied technology and the ability to connect to other systems. Combined with scalability and a correspondingly low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) this leads to creation of high added value.


It concerns without exception pearls which are distinguished by a focus on value creation, quality and efficiency for their customers..

BlueWish Business Development

I2D is an initiative of BlueWish Business Development the organization with a typical Rotterdam approach focusing on achieving concrete results.